Playstation 5 Disk Drive Repair

We had a Playstation 5 Disk Drive repair come in where the customer stated that the console would not take in or Eject disks. The first thing to do is to strip the PS5 down and to be honest that’s quite an in depth operation as a lot of the machine needs to be disassembled to get the drive removed and there are some fiddly connections to release and replace. Differently to all the models of the PS4, the PS5 disk drive is encased in its own surround which you have to remove to be able to take the top off the drive.

Once inside the problem was immediately evident as one of the rollers that take the disk in had come loose and needed to be relocated. With that done and the machine back together we tested the PS5 and sure enough, the disk was going in and ejecting correctly.

With the fan out any way, we made sure to clean it out with compressed air before replacing it.

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