The PC Doctor are Laptop repair specialists based in Warrington. We offer fast repairs at competitive prices
whilst offering great customer service. Try us!

The PC Doctor have been repairing laptops for the last 20+ years from the time of Windows 3.1 running on DOS all the way through all the  versions of Windows right through to present day. We are skilled in the repair of all laptop computers right down to board level repairs of power sockets, screen replacements, laptops not booting, machines running slow together with virus / malware infections and machines being hacked. Whatever the problem you have with your laptop, Warrington PC Doctor can help. Click the get quote button above for a free no obligation quote for your repair, call us or pop in and see us at our workshop just off Calver Road in Winwick Quay.

Laptop power socket repairs

A faulty or broken power socket will leave you having to wiggle wires to get the machine to charge or maybe it simply has no power. In either circumstance we can repair it quickly.

laptop screeen replacement warrington
Laptop screen replacement

The screens on laptops now are so flimsy and easy to break that they are a very regular repair. Whether your machine has a touchscreen or standard display we can repair / replace it.

Laptop boot problem repairs
Laptop boot problem repairs

If your machine will not boot or is booting very slowly there are a number of issues that could be the cause. We can diagnose and resolve these problems for you.

Laptop Virus / Malware infections

If your machine is running poorly, you are experiencing lots of pop-ups or abnormal links when browsing the internet, machine running slowly are all signs of an infected computer.

Overheating laptop repairs

You may get overheating warnings or fan warning depending on the model of your machine, the machine may feel hot to touch or shut down unexpectedly. We can resolve laptop overheating!

Laptop software repairs

Do you have software errors on your machine? Do you have problems with windowsthat you need resolving or do you need software installing? We can resolve all software issues.


We can carry out a full service of your laptop computer to ensure that it is running in the best condition possible considering its age and use. The complete laptop service includes the cooling system being cleaned out, Thermal paste renewed with Arctic Silver, the leading thermal paste, All windows and Software updates, External clean and software setup to make sure only the programmes you need running in the background boot with the machine as well as a file system defrag.


If you are struggling with your laptop, it won’t run the software that you need correctly or as it gets older it is taking an age to boot up then there are a number of upgrades that we can carry out to resolve these problems. Changing the standard hard drive for an SSD will always make a massive difference as will upgrading the memory. Get in touch with us for a quote to update your laptop and let us get it working for rather than against you.

Our workshop in Warrington

Our workshop is fully kitted out with all of the tools and equipment to repair your laptop including numerous bench locations so we can work on at least 7 machines at once.

We also have a soldering station ready to do those jack port repairs.

For laptop repair specialists near you, Warrington PC Doctor is ideally located just off the A49 Winwick Road near junction 9 of the M62. This makes us an ideal location for the whole of Warrington including Birchwood, Orford, Great Sankey, Westbrook, Burtonwood, Whittle Hall and Penketh. Using the motorway network we are only 20 minutes from both Liverpool and Manchester using the M62 Motorway and we are easily accessible to those who live in St Helens, Widnes, Runcorn and surrounding areas. If you need any information please contact us on 01925 924430