Playstation 4 Console Repairs in Great Sankey

The Playstation 4 (PS4) console has been around for some time now, in fact, the PS5 is here however in very short supply however until then we can repair the 4 different variations of the PS4 and all the errors that they often have.

Our repair workshop in Warrington is only a few minutes from Great Sankey making it easy for you to drop your Playstation 4 in for repair.

PS4 Drive Mechanism Repairs

We often come across faults with the PS4 disc drive with customers left with a disc that will not eject or go into the drive, often this is caused by the mechanism jumping, the rollers jumping out of their holder or the wishbone popping out, all of these problems can also be caused by a foreign object being forced into the drive. Toddlers love inserting things into any space.

PS4 Will not read games

So if the discs are going in and out ok but the drive will not read the disc inserted then that points to a fault with the laser, these can’t be repaired so it would need a replacement laser to fix this. We have on occasion opened the machines to find foreign objects in the drive covering the laser, removing these often fixes the problem.

Playstation 4 Software Errors

If your PS4 is coming up saying that you need to reinstall the firmware or you need to insert a Pen Drive with the firmware re-installation file then you have 1 of 2 problems. Either your hard drive is corrupt and simply re-installing the firmware will resolve the problem or the hard drive itself is failed or failing and will need to be replaced.

Power supply failure

Your PS4 could be suffering from a power supply failure if the machine is showing no signs of power, no lights and no beeps. If the machine comes on for a second before switching off this is not a power supply failure.

HDMI Socket Repair

We can remove and replace the HDMI sockets of your Playstation 4 consoles in house.