Overheating Playstation 4

Does the fan on your Playstation 4 run at top speed all the time and is it very noisy? These are perfect symptoms that the fins of the heatsink are blocked with dust together with the power supply where the fan pulls lots of its air in from. When you have an overheating Playstation 4 performance will slowly start to degrade and the machine will perform poorly until it is repaired.

When the fins are clean, the fan can pull the correct amount of air across the heatsink with the fan running at a standard speed, the PS4 fans are temperature sensing and therefore as the machine gets hotter the fan speeds up to drag more air through to cool the machine down more.

Now when a PS4’s heatsinks fins are blocked with dust it means that the machine needs more air dragging across it to cool it at the same rate as when it is clean and that’s why the fan runs faster, all the time and makes your machine sound like an aeroplane taking off.

It also means that the chips are running hot all the time which is not good for them.

To resolve, hoovering the back of the machine is no good as the heatsink is in the centre of the machine, the PS4 will need stripping down and the heatsink fins cleared out properly to resolve this problem.

With Warrington PC Doctor there is no need to book your machine in for this repair, simply drop the machine in with us and we will resolve the issue within hours.