Laptop power socket repair

A customer from Callands recently brought in a laptop for repair that would not power up but was working fine the day before. With the charger plugged in the laptop showed no sign of power with either the charging or power light displaying.

The machine a 17″ Dell with an I7 processor and 16GB of Ram was stripped down including removing the motherboard to get at the power jack plug, on testing the power supply was giving out 19 volts but at the end of the power jack lead, there were no volts, upon closer inspection the casing of the jack was cracked and the internal metal connections fractured.

Replacement power socket and lead sourced on next day delivery, fitted within an hour of arriving and the customer had their machine back and working within 24 hours.

Like this one, some laptops have power sockets with a lead that plugs into the motherboard whilst other power jack ports are soldered directly onto the board, The PC Doctor repair both of these for the same price.

If you have a laptop with a broken power socket then we can help, please give us a call on 01925 924430, email us or request a quote