Failed windows 10 update Warrington

Warrington PC Doctor has seen a number of computers or laptops over the last few days that have all been suffering from either failed windows updates or problems related to the latest windows update pushed out by Microsoft and since removed from the update schedule.

When your machine fails during an update you are left with 1 or some of the following problems

  • Black screen at boot
  • Diagnosing your Computer message
  • Blue screen error message and re-boot.

Simply from here you can’t go any further and are left with a dilemma about how to get your machine back up and running and concern about the security of your files and personal information.

There are a number of different things that The PC Doctor can do to attempt to repair the computer including removing the failed update, using system restore to go back before the update was installed and finally a re-build.

In the first 2 options, your files and personal information are not moved however if we need to move on to a rebuild then your data is first backed up and then we reinstall windows before replacing your data so that your machine is fully operational with all of your data however you would need to re-install any programmes that you had previously installed.

If you have a Windows 10 update problem with your Laptop or Computer or indeed any other problems then please give us a call on 01925 924430, email or request a quote to discuss getting your machine repaired.