Laptop screen replacement in Warrington

Laptop screen replacement in Warrington, this one used all kinds of double-sided tape.

A customer brought her laptop in with the screen smashed for a laptop screen replacement, the screen looked like there was ink leaking through it, sadly the customer had left it on the floor, got up to answer the phone and stood on it by mistake.

Removing the Bezel which these days all seem to be held on with double-sided tape was harder than it needed to be and the screen was screwless which means that it was held onto the top lid again by double-sided tape. Once removed we take the code from the back, order the new screen making sure that it’s an exact match and then set about installing the new Laptop screen.

Double-sided tape secured, the screen is fitted back into its housing with the display cable re-attached, tested and then the bezel is replaced with more double-sided tape.

When replacing Laptop screens, every screen is different, some like this one have no screws, and others require the screen and its casing to be removed from the laptop body before you can remove the bezel and get to the screen.

Should you have a Laptop with a broken screen that needs replacing, please either request a quote or call us on 01925 924430